Name: Eirene Naismith aka Mamma

Age: 37

Occupation: Housewife/P.E. Teacher

Interests: Children. Not sleeping

Name: Hannah Naismith aka No. 1

Age: 6

Occupation: Full-time school kid

Interests: Drawing, reading, eating and                   climbing (not in that order)

Name: Emily Naismith aka Mini Legs

Age: 4

Occupation: Full-time School kid

Interests: Dolls, Drawing & Princesses

Name: Abigail Naismith aka Moley

Age: 1

Occupation: Not known

Interests: Dressing up. Pooing. Clinging                   to Mamma

Text Box: From Croydon 
to Cairns

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Who we are

Name: Graham Naismith aka Dadda

Age: 36

Occupation: IT Dweeb

Interests: Sleeping, boxing and curry


31,116 miles

19 countries

9.5 months

5 people

3 continents

2 allergies

2 vehicles!!!