Text Box: Sponsor’s Package

Logo on every website page with hyperlink to your    	website
Logo and company profile with hyperlink to your 	website on dedicated sponsors’ page – you will be 	marked as “Official Sponsor”
Provision of 2 stickers on vehicle at our expense 	(please provide a high resolution image of your 	logo)
Digital image of vehicle with your sticker clearly 	visible
Inclusion of sponsor’s name and website in all media 	releases/diaries including -
		National tabloids and all local Surrey/South 		London newspapers
		Travel sections of all major daily and 			Sunday newspapers
		All major National and International off-			road magazines
		South London and South East Regional 			Television and Radio News Programmes
		BBC, ITV and Sky Sport 
Copies of all press releases and media cuttings
Provision of at least 5 digital images of your 	product in use during the course of the expedition
Regularly updated website and on-going travel 	diary including location
Full permission for use of photos and hyperlink to 	www.drive-to-oz.com website
Inclusion of sponsor’s name and website in all media 	work and direct company contact undertaken by 	Macmillan Cancer Support
Regular emails
Additionally, on return in January 2009, 	consideration will be given to release of the vehicle 	to yourselves for display at a show of your choice*.
Involvement in a high profile trip personally 	endorsed by Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Lance 	Armstrong
All co-ordinated by a professional Public Relations 	guru!

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Text Box: From Croydon 
to Cairns

Sponsored by

Company Sponsorship

This trip is entirely self-funded in terms of vehicle sourcing, preparation, fuel, flights, accommodation and all other costs although we are reliant on some company sponsorship for this.  To assist us in our task we are trying to obtain equipment wherever possible and would appreciate any assistance that you could provide us with.


In return we will display your company logo/website on both our vehicle and our regularly maintained website.  Together with Macmillan we intend to do a number of press releases to a variety of travel publications and newspapers and would be making clear any help we have received. Further information is detailed below


Absolutely any assistance that you could provide us with equipment or a donation to our charity would be greatly appreciated.


If you would like to see sight of our equipment required list then please do not hesitate to contact us.


Sponsors Note: Details of what we can offer sponsors is listed below or email for a pdf version.  Departure date has now passed but if you want to be involved then please feel free to contact us.

Equipment Needed

31,116 miles

19 countries

9.5 months

5 people

3 continents

2 allergies

2 vehicles!!!